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Software Engineers Selection Process & Online Programming Test

Next Online Programming Test Date: 30th March 2018, 9 PM


Applicants interested in Software Engineering positions at our company are required to demonstrate their foundational programming abilities by solving simple coding exercises.

The first round coding test can be taken by applicants from anywhere. Thereafter, shortlisted applicants will be required to take another coding test plus paired programming session at our office in Pune as part of the onsite interview.

Interested applicants are advised to follow this process right away to prepare for the coding test.

  1. Sign up at
  2. Go to the Classes from the left navigation bar after sign in.
  3. Join the class with the following key.

    Class Key: 0amqUYT4

  4. Applicants are allowed to take test only in CPython or Java languages.
  5. Sample coding problems are available in the Class. Applicants are strongly advised to try out some of the sample coding problems to get familiar with the process before the actual coding test.
  6. Exam-Start-before-9-15” will get unlocked in these classes at the above mentioned time (REFRESH the page at an above mentioned time).
  7. Start before 9.15 otherwise the problem will lock again.
  8. Only exam problems will be considered for evaluation.

We will contact you if you are shortlisted.

Wishing you the very best and thank you again for your interest in considering employment with RouteRabbit group!

Current Opening

We are looking for Fresher as well Experienced Software Developers.

Candidate must be VERY GOOD IN PROGRAMMING. We don’t have any other eligibility criteria.

Interview Process

  1. Online Programming Test (Can be given from any location)
  2. Online Programming Test (Must be given at our Pune office)
  3. Technical Interview

For Fresher, No Technology Preference. Only good programming ability is required.

For Experience (0 to 2 years), NodeJS, AngularJS, JavaScript development experienced candidates are preferred.

Forward your resume to