Database Design

For any web or mobile app to be efficient, reliable, scalable and easily extensible, it is important to get the database design right. There is a dizzying array of database models, both SQL and NoSQL, that are available to choose from.

There is no one-size-fits-all model with databases — our technical architects can be engaged to understand your use case and can help you evaluate and select across relational databases (eg. Postgres), document databases (eg. Couchdb/Mongodb), key-value stores (eg. Redis, Amazon Dynamo), graph databases (eg. Neo4J) or columnar databases (eg. Cassandra), etc. to suit your needs.

Generally speaking, if your data needs change rapidly or if your need is for high throughput to handle rapid growth, or your data is growing fast and you need to be able to scale out quickly and efficiently, maybe a NoSQL is for you. And if the data you store does not frequently change in structure and you’re experiencing manageable growth, your needs may be adequately met by relational databases.