CodeZinger, programming labs in the cloud

Programming labs for Computer Science courses

CodeZinger is highly scalable and high availability cloud based programming labs. With CodeZinger’s workflows, CS faculty can effortlessly administer engaging lab activities to very large number of learners. CodeZinger supports console type, managed Jupyter Notebooks and full stack lab activities. Learners are provided fully integrated development environment (IDE) in seconds over web browser and can anytime anywhere complete their lab activities with zero installation.

CodeZinger’s high availability architecture is also engineered to be highly elastic using Kubernetes, Dockers and cloud servers.

SmarTrafik, intelligent traffic surveillance system

SmarTrafik uses Machine Learning algorithms to:

  • analyze traffic camera streams in real time with anomaly detection
  • detects and tracks vehicles based on the video streams
  • number plate detection and tracking

Also generates traffic metrics to improve traffic and route planning. Highly scalable design with sharded databases capable of handling very large traffic camera networks.

SmarTFace, intelligent access control system

SmarTFace is a machine learning based face recognition access control system suitable to be deployed in residential, office and manufacturing facilities.