We provide accelerated development for multi-tenant SaaS, enterprise and mobile hybrid apps

Saas Application Development

Rapidly building scalable, available and secure SaaS apps is our forte. Our team members have been involved in designing, developing and launching B2B and B2C SaaS apps. We leverage our library of re-usable code whenever appropriate to accelerate the development cycle.

We have realized that getting a solid handle on the architecture of the SaaS app upfront helps in seamlessly extending the functionality in phases. We would also recommend the right tool set depending on type of SaaS app that you seek to build.

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In addition to experience in developing multi-tenant SaaS applications, we have expertise in developing single enterprise web applications. At RouteRabbit, we apply our technical expertise and business savvy to support enterprises develop mission critical web apps. Our technical expertise includes Java, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress,ASP.NET, Postgres, etc.. Our skilled developers have developed responsive web apps which are usable across devices whether they be laptops/desktops, mobile or tablets. We have deployed applications on Apache web server and Wildfly application server as well as on IIS web servers in ASP application framework.

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Mobile Application of Bookingjoe

Native or Hybrid Mobile app development

We can bring to life your mobile app either using Native or Hybrid technology. Hybrid technology for mobile application development has now evolved to a point that it is a highly suited  for development of vast range of mobile apps. From our experience, we are able to confidently state that most mobile apps (except games) can be developed using hybrid technologies like HTML 5, CSS3 and JS frameworks like AngularJS and Ionic Framework/Cordova/Phonegap. With hybrid technology we are able to simultaneously launch on iPhone and Android platforms with single code base. This ensures rapid speed to market, is generally cheaper to develop and is a very viable option for startups.

However in situations wherein your app needs to leverage native phone capability that is not supported by hybrid frameworks, it is often becomes necessary to build app using native SDK of each platform — iOS 8 SDK/Xcode 6/Swift for iOS platform and Android SDK and Java for Android.

At RouteRabbit, we help clients with either approaches based on their stated business goals.

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 Lean software development process. 

Requirements gathering

We understand and capture your business needs. Using tools such as Rally and AxoSoft we succinctly document your requirements so as to avoid misunderstandings. We also make effective use of visual techniques such as wireframes and mockups to accelerate product development without compromising on project communication.

 Application architecture and design

Our experienced team has worked on many projects in the past and are able to architect and design your applications to be modular and easy to maintain. Our modular approach to development will not only ensure quick delivery but also result in code based that is easy to maintain.

Coding and Implementation

Our developers have strong fundamental programming abilities and are constantly improving and re-factoring code. We are experienced in deploying to cloud infrastructure such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure to effect speedy software launch.

We add value to your products


We ensure your software products get launched to market in time and with required functionality. This will help your product or service gain traction from day one.

reusable code

Leverage re-usable code

We follow modular approach to deliver software work products quickly. Whenever possible, we  re-use code to accelerate development and to take advantage of well tested code.

Personalize UX

Personalized user experience

We design and build configurable apps to satisfy variations in user requirements.

Assured Customer Support

Assured long term support

We stand behind our deliverables and provide well documented code and if required, we provide support on an on-going basis.

We are focused on delivering value to our customers.

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