Online Coding labs for Computer Science programming Courses

CodeZinger is a highly scalable cloud based coding labs for programming classes. With CodeZinger, CS faculty can administer engaging coding practicals to large and small programming classes. CodeZinger is engineered to be highly elastic using a combination of Kubernetes, Docker, Service Bus.

Technology: MEAN (Angular2/NodeJs/Express) stack, Docker, Kubernetes, Service Bus, Redis

It is a unique digital Scent Player and first of its kind in the world.

oNotes is the digital scent player app for users to interact with Cyrano device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). We built the Android app.

Technology: Android, BLE, Android, DynamoDB

A next-generation time tracking tool for consulting firms. It helps consulting firms reduce revenue slippage by better time tracking, improve margins, and build trust with customers. Sophity app unobtrusively keeps track of consultant activities which translate to billable hours and frees up consultant to focus on delivering customer value and generating revenue. Also Sophity’s real-time data collection engine improves data accuracy for planning, estimating, billing, and forecasting.

Technology: AngularJS, Spring Boot Framework, Jhipster, Yeoman, Gulp, Bower, NPM and Protractor (for end-to-end testing)

  • Sophity Approve Time-sheet
  • Sophity - Edit Timesheet Rules

Bookingjoe is a SaaS application (web/mobile) for maid services industry in the US. This app enables Maid services or for the matter, any On-The-Go type services smartly manage appointment bookings resulting in productivity gains and improved efficiency.

Route Optimization Algorithm: Implemented advanced route optimization algorithm to reduce drive time, driving distance resulting in increased productivity.

Payment Gateway Integration: bookingjoe provide seamless integration with Stripe payment gateway. Service providers using bookingjoe can effortlessly accept credit card payment from their customers resulting in improved cash flow.

Technology: AngularJS, JAS-RX, Optaplanner, PostgreSQL, Ionic Framework, EC2, S3, GIS data api, Stripe api, Maps.

Fast Tract Diet

Fast Tract Diet mobile app helps people with SIBO conditions identify gut friendly foods versus hard-to-digest foods, track and chart meals and symptoms, create shopping lists and quickly look up symptom potential for specific foods and beverages on the fly. The Android app also includes voice interaction (using google speech recognizer api and with app to increase usability.

Technology: Native Android (Java) & iOS(Objective-c) application. API.AI for voice enabled android & iOS application.

SWELL Rewards is the unique product which combines Referral and Rewards with the help of custom API. It captures Emails of customer and inspires them to invite others and get rewards. It combines the power of social sharing to expand the reach to an end-customers.

Technology Stack: Web app, APIs