Adding Sizzle to your SaaS

Rapidly building scalable, available and secure SaaS apps is our forte. Our team members have been involved in designing, developing and launching B2B and B2C SaaS apps. We leverage our library of re-usable code whenever appropriate to accelerate the development cycle.

We have realized that getting a solid handle on the architecture of the SaaS app upfront helps in seamlessly extending the functionality in phases. We would also recommend the right tool set depending on type of SaaS app that you seek to build.

While designing multi-tenant shared SaaS app some of design considerations we pay attention to include:

  • Tenant and user provisioning and personalization
  • Securely segregating tenant data
  • Security by utilizing trusted database connections, access control lists and encryption of data at rest
  • Application scalability by ensuring statelessness, pool resources like threads and asynchronous I/O wherever possible
  • Database partitioning depending on expected size and growth of db
  • Application monitoring to ensure high uptime

We are quite happy to provide inputs to you in the planning phase without any commitments.